For female choir, orchestra and electronics



Directed by Nacho Fernández and produced by La Terraza Films

Nominated to Best Documentary Short-Film in Goya Awards 2022


Dentro del túnel

 Directed by Sergio Román

Produced by Centre d'Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya, Grupo Cine Arte, S.L.


Festival de Cine por Mujeres

Official Teaser


Un País en Danza

TV Series directed by Antonio Najarro

Produced by RTVE



"El Siglo de Galdós"

Directed by Miguel Ángel Calvo Buttini

Produced by Twin Freaks Studios and RTVE

Soundtrack pre-selected to Best Score in Goya Awards 2021



"Somos Tierra"

Finalist in Gil Soundtrack Award 2020



The Door in the Wall

Recorded at Air Studios, London

Composed and conducted by Alicia Morote


"The morning routines song"

Song for Little Songs English


Reel 2019


"Happy Halloween"

Song for Little Songs English

Réflexion (for brass quintet)

Directed by Cyprien Jeancolais

2nd Prize at Montreal International Film Scoring Competition 2018



Finalist in Gil Soundtrack Award 2018



Bailando un Tesoro

Soundtrack for Spanish National Ballet's official video game



Video-art directed by Mercedes Morote and produced by Charly Sánchez


The Kiss

Recorded by Budapest Art Orchestra



Rainroad The Musical

Teaser 2017: "Stella James"


La Vie de Joie

Directed and produced by Juan Manuel Abellán


The message

Recorded by Budapest Art Orchestra



The library

Recorded by Budapest Art Orchestra



Maldita Sinfónica

Symphonic concert with the band Maldita Nerea and OSRM orchestra

Orchestrator, arranger and music producer



Re-Score of the opening for the TV series Homeland.