Alicia Morote graduated in Music Composition with Honors at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid in 2014, and soon in 2015 she was awarded with a scholarship from Berklee College of Music to take her Master's Degree in Scoring for Film, TV and Video Games at Berklee Valencia Campus.

She has worked as a composer in productions such as "Dentro del Túnel”, directed by Sergio Román; "El Siglo de Galdós" directed by Miguel Ángel Calvo Buttini and produced by Twin Freaks and RTVE, or "Un País en Danza", TV series for La 2 channel from RTVE. She has worked in other film productions with composers such as Alberto Iglesias or Ivan Palomares as music assistant, copyist and orchestrator.

During these last years, Alicia has been working on very varied projects such as the soundtrack for the video-game "Bailando un Tesoro" for the Spanish National Ballet, launched in 2018. She's co-author and musical director for the musical theater show “Rainroad The Musical” premiered in 2017, for which she was candidate to the Max Awards 2018 (Max Awards for the Scenic Arts by SGAE Foundation) in the categories of Best New Author and Best Musical Show. In addition, she won the 2nd prize in Montréal International Film Scoring Competition 2018.

In 2019 she worked as orchestrator and arranger in "Maldita Sinfónica" for the well-known band "Maldita Nerea" and the Symphonic Orchestra of Murcia, and producer of its album with Sony Music Entertainment Spain. This show toured around Spain in 2019.

One of her most recent achievements has been working inside composer Alberto Iglesias' team in the soundtrack for the films Parallel Mothers (Pedro Almodóvar) and Maixabel (Icíar Bollaín).

Alicia has recently worked for the production "Figurante" nominated to the Goya Awards 2022 to Best Documentary Short-Film, and is currently composing music for the film La Estrella Azul, directed by Javier Macipe.


Picture by photo artist Juan Manuel Abellán